The Food

All the sweet and savoury food is baked in our basement bakery every morning.

We make:

The World’s best cheese Toastie – A simple but perfect combination – the English favourite. After much sampling, testing, tweaking and teasing, Matthew from “The Grerat Northumberland Bread Co” has developed the perfect loaf – just for 9 Bar Coffee. WE can’t give too much away but it’s a sourdough, it’s huge and it’s baked in a wood fired oven. Jamie supplies us with whole 26kg truckles of his world famous chedder (the best of only three D.O.P. cheddars). It’s wrapped in muslin, aged for 12 months, it’s “Montgomery Cheddar”. Leeks and onion gently poached in butter finish off this gorgeous toastie.

Piadinas – a stone baked, thin and crisp hearth bread – to nibble or munch, light and lovely, always moreish!

Arancini – Southern Italian risotto balls – Eat on the street in your hands or sit down and ask for a little bit of yummy sugo!

Meatball Sliders – A small, succulent mouthful or two in a homemade poppy seed milk bun with ground beef, pinenut and raisin slow cooked meatball served with tomato and basil ragu and a Pecorino cheese fondue.

Spuntino –A snack, usually savoury, to replace a meal. Traditionally described as “an improvised meal whilst working”. Spicy or sweet Italian sausage made in Ireland for us using lean shoulder hand cut back fat and not much else. Served on homemade slipper bread – bite, chew, get messy!